4D Orchestra

Direction: Gunther Rost

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»Quite free tempo changes made the performed Bach works appear like different pieces.

... mystical spheres of sound that seem to be lifted out of the structure ...«

Krone Kultur 2019


The 4D Orchestra was founded by Gunther Rost in 2018, with musicians from several European top orchestras. The ensemble, amongst other things, sets out for a new approach to major orchestral repertoire with the organ as solo instrument, pursuing Gunther Rost’s work at the Graz Centre for Organ Research (ZfO).
This comprises traveling with the mobile concert organs of ZfO, in order to bring the combination of solo organ and orchestra into new locations for the first time.

The name 4D refers to the musicians' mutual exploration of the 4th dimension. Making music is alwas playing with time. The 4D Orchestra have dedicated themselves to providing the experience of time's flexible nature by following the gravitational fields of music, always fathoming it a bit further.

Coming from an organist's background, Gunther Rost exerts himself for bringing the two worlds of the organ and of the orchestra closer together and for merging their respective performance practices, which have drifted widely apart in some sense throughout history.

Thus, when they are playfully exploring the 4th dimension together, the 4D Orchestra create exciting interpretations of well-known orchestral works, new instrumentations and innovative approaches to musical performances.