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»excellent correspondence in chamber music down to the smallest detail«

Badische Zeitung, Januar 2019


Following over twenty-five years of concert experience with unchanged membership, the Trio Lézard can be designated as one of the leading trio d'anches in the world today. When Stéphane Egeling, Jan Creutz and Stefan Hoffmann joined together as a trio in the early 1990’s at the Saarbrücken Conservatoire, it was initially out of sheer pleasure of making music, joy of experimentation, and not least of friendship. Since then they have attempted nearly every possibility that the ensemble of oboe, clarinet and bassoon offers. About a quarter century later the Trio Lézard has gained an enormous amount of concert experience and made award-winning recordings, though their original joy in playing remains unaltered.

Since its beginnings in 1930’s Paris when the bassoonist Fernand Oubradous established the 'Trio d'anches de Paris' with Messrs. Myrtil Morel and Pierre Lefebvre, the formation Trio d'anches has existed as a recognised genre in classical concert halls. With the CD 'Paris 1937 hommage au Trio d'anches de Paris' the Trio Lézard pays respect to that ensemble and its epoch. The recordings of these previously unrecorded works have been given a 2015 ECHO Klassik award.

Yet even the 'Trio d'anches de Paris' had needed to expand on its repertoire of works of great masters of the genre. The Trio Lézard also expanded its instrumentation to include such so-called 'peripherals' as cor anglais, bass clarinet, contrabassoon, oboe d'amore, basset horn etc., and even saxophones, bagpipes or crumhorns can be heard at concerts of Trio Lézard. Finally, the historical predecessors of the oboe, clarinet and bassoon were added. The Trio Lézard’s own transcriptions, whether of French chansons, Renaissance suites or Rossini overtures, are part of the repertoire in addition to music by Bach, Mozart and original compositions from the 30’s. Thus the Trio Lézard is able to perform music from six centuries, each delivered in the very individual 'Lézard' sound. All Lézard arrangements are published by the Egge-Verlag, the artistic director of which is Stéphane Egeling.

The Trio Lézard continues to re-imagine the classical chamber concert. Each of the three musicians has worthwhile expertise beyond the classical concert podium which is invaluable for the workings and success of the trio: Stefan Hoffmann is a radio presenter, Jan Creutz is a rock musician and Stéphane Egeling is a publisher and editor. These experiences influence the trio’s performances. Contact with the concert public is of central importance, so often a programme features a recurring theme in the form of a story that weaves through the works performed.

In addition to conventional classical concerts, the trio repeatedly takes side-trips to other regions with three different programmes for children, a Klezmer programme with Yiddish songs, a fairy-tale concert, genre-spanning evenings of satire or concerts that introduce the ensemble’s portfolio to audiences new to the listening experience


Very British
A more or less fictional day within Mozart's (very real) trip to London in 1764:
Roller skates, a move and a men's flat share in Soho Square result in a British program with bagpipes, historical instruments, a lot of music from England and of course by Wolfgang Amadeus...

Sept. 10. – 19:00
Konzertgesellschaft Schwerte
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Sept. 12 – 19:00
Achberg Castle
Event Website

Klariboe, Fanette & Ogott
or The Copy-All-Machine
with Niels Kaiser
Sept. 13 – 15:00
Achberg Castle (Family Concert)
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