Direction: Taya König-Tarasevich & Bartolomeo Dandolo Marchesi

Contact: Ute Rost, +43 676 670 2423
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»In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.«

Albert Einstein


VERITÀ BAROQUE is an international pool of soloists bound by a mission of contextualizing baroque chamber music in the 21st century.

While pursuing to revolutionize concert experience by employing cutting-edge technology, such as immersive sound and 360 degree video registering, this vibrant collective focuses on achieving an unprecedented quality of artistic expression. Known for their rigorous programing, the unique ensemble combines the jewels of the Baroque repertoire with newly commissioned works, achieving the necessary relatability from the future generations of concert goers.

Established in the middle of the pandemic by flutist Taya König-Tarasevich and cellist Bartolomeo Dandolo Marchesi, VERITÀ BAROQUE rapidly captured some of the finest of next generation baroque musicians, and together got a first class reputation amongst as a period instrument ensemble. As a collective of constantly altering, highly acclaimed artists, VERITÀ has been known for their innovative approach to music making that goes far beyond the walls of any concert hall.

From 2021 on, together with Motor Music Productions, VERITÀ BAROQUE attempts to revolutionize concert experience by producing immersive films of unprecedented quality available for general audiences around the world free of charge. The mission of this highly unusual ensemble is to contextualize baroque music in the XXI century, making it accessible and relatable while preserving the core authenticity of periodic styles.

VERITÀ BAROQUE’s devotion to performing contemporary music in baroque style has led them to collaborations with composers such as Marc Migó, Nicola Canzano, Thomas Chabalier among many others.

VERITÀ stands for the artists' eternal search for truth as well as for believing in the truthfulness of shared musical experiences.


VERITÀ Vol. 1 – Bach vs Vivaldi


  • Antonio Vivaldi, Sonata for two violins and basso continuo, RV 73 Op. 1 No. 1
  • Johann Ernst Bach, Sonata for flute, violin and basso continuo
  • Johann Sebastian Bach, Brandenburg concerto No.5, BWV 1050


  • Taya König-Tarasevich, flute
  • Alexander von Heißen, harpsichord
  • Guglielmo Dandolo Marchesi, 1st violin
  • Eugenia Ottaviano, 2nd violin
  • Erin Kirby, viola
  • Bartolomeo Dandolo Marchesi, violoncello
  • Juliane Bruckmann, violone in G